What is Esoma KungFu

Esoma Kungfu is a blend of external (hard) and internal (soft) methods of martial arts that embraces the southern (close-range) and northern (long-range) styles. In Esoma the power is produced from the earth, through the legs, guided by the turning of the waist and delivered to hands through relaxed shoulders. Only by having a soft, relaxed structure can the speed and power become devastatingly effective.
The word Esoma comes from the overlapping of the Latin words "ESO", meaning within and "SOMA", meaning body. Kung Fu must be embedded in the body to allow the mind to be free to think of strategies or evaluate unfamiliar situations.
The central aspect of Esoma philosophy is the separation of the mind from the body at a certain point in your training. When a person is learning something new, the mind & body must work as one. Once the mind has reinforced the body and the body has reinforced itself with repetition, it becomes a conscious effort on the part of the practitioner to actually separate the mind from the body. Then the body is able to react to a situation based on what it has learned, not what it believes could happen; not what could be. The success of Esoma kung fu is based on what one retains "within" the "body", more than what the mind remembers.


  • Shoulders down, elbows in, armpits tight.
  • He who thinks in a confrontation, loses; he who thinks in practice, wins.
  • Relax and breath low.
  • Awareness always
  • Clear the mind, clear the eyes.
  • The hand that's "not doing" is always "doing". Look north, strike south.
  • Pull! Twist! Flow!
  • For self defense... use simplicity. (Minimize movement)
  • For conditioning... use complexity. (Maximize movement)
  • For learning... use experience.
  • For relaxation... use breathing.
  • For strength... use concentration.
  • For wisdom... use memory.
  • For confidence... use repetition

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