Tai Chi Warm Ups


Be careful not to force the stretches of the neck. 

Be careful not to recruit unnecessary muscles when rotating shoulders. 

Many of these include the use of shoulders also. 

22 & 24 Turn head toward the shoulder for added stretch. 


35 & 36 Do not shift weight for these. 
W. This is a yin movement. The one we usually do is a yang movement. 


43- Lean forward as you shift from side to side. 
46- You may want to for short periods of time until the last one. 
48 - Keep the head in line with the shoulders. 


57 - Start these in a wide stance, keep the knees bent. 


63 - To include stretch of the front of the body, extend arms over head, look up,  and lean back as you drop the knee toward the floor. 


  1. Turn head left. 
  2. Turn head right. 
  3. Tilt head back. 
  4. Tilt head forward. 
  5. Tilt head right. 
  6. Tilt head left. 
  7. Swing head to look left. 
  8. Swing head to look right. 
  9. Rotate head right. 
  10. Rotate head left. 
  11. Shoulders 

  12. Rotate forward. 
  13. Rotate backward. 
  14. Press back of hands together in front. 
  15. Attempt to press back of hands together in back. 
  16. Arms 

  17. Swim backward
  18. Rotate right arm backward - twisting waist
  19. Rotate right arm backward - without twisting waist. 
  20. Rotate left arm backward - twisting waist. 
  21. Rotate left arm backward - without twisting waist. 
  22. Repeat 16 through 19, rotating forward. 
  23. Rotate right arm in front - counter clockwise. 
  24. Stretch right arm across chest. 
  25. Rotate left arm in front - clockwise. 
  26. Stretch right arm across chest. 
  27. Radial arm twist  (Right) - Fingers to front, palm up 
  28. Radial arm twist  (Left) - Fingers to front, palm up 
  29. Radial arm twists to the side - Both arms together 
  30. Radial arm twists to the front - Both arms together 
  31. Radial arm twists above head 
  32. Swing both arms front to back 
  33. Stretch with both arms above the head 
  34. Lock hands behind back, bend forward and stretch arms above head 
  35. Repeat 31 and 32 three times 
  36. Spinal Breathing + Press palms forward 
  37. Spin 
  38. Spin (arms up) 
  39. Shift/Spin to 7 star stance 
  40. Fist rubbing kidneys (49 times) 
  41. Seven star stance, right - rub leg muscles 
  42. Seven star stance - stretch right 
  43. Seven star stance, left - rub leg muscles 
  44. Seven star stance - stretch left 
    Hanging Monkey
  45. Waist  

  46. Lean left - (hands on hips) 
  47. Lean right 
  48. Lean back - keep knees bent 
  49. Hanging monkey 
  50. Repeat  43 through 46 (4 times) 
  51. Lean left - (right arm over head, left arm behind back) 
  52. Lean right 
  53. Lean back - (hands on hips) 
  54. Rotate clockwise - (Hands on hips) 
  55. Rotate counter-clockwise 
  56. Rotate both directions again with arms out in front 
  57. Knees  

  58. Rotate clockwise - (Hands on knees) 
  59. Rotate counter-clockwise 
  60. Golden Cock stance on right foot -  Rotate dangling foot (both directions) 
  61. Pelvis  

  62. Tilt pelvis left, back, tight, front 
  63. Repeat with rounded movements 
  64. Repeat A and B in other direction 
  65. Thighs  

  66. Bend left leg, lean right 
  67. Bend right leg, lean left 
  68. Bend left leg, toe out. Rotate right hip  counter-clockwise 
  69. Drop right knee to stretch thigh 
  70. Repeat 62 and 63 to the other side. 
  71. Stand up and shake legs.

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